$5 Fares to LAX Through June 30 at Midnight!

We’re offering customers $5 fares to LAX through Thursday, June 30, at midnight! Here’s how to book: 1. Download the Opoli app for iOS and Android, or go to www.Opoli.com to book your reservation. 2. Create an account if you do not already have one. If you have an account, just log in! 3. Enter your drop-off location (LAX) and pick-up location. Please note that your pick-up location must be within 20 miles of LAX in order to receive the $5 fare! 4. Select the “Opoli” Prius Service Type This deal is valid only with this service type! Shared, Black, SUV, and Private are not eligible for this promotion. 5. Fill out the rest of the requested information and select “Book Now”

We’re giving away FREE Opoli rides to and from LAX this weekend!

This weekend, May 28-29 from 12:00 AM Saturday morning to 12:00 Midnight Sunday night, we’re giving away FREE Opoli service ASAP “On Demand” rides! If you’re in the following Los Angeles areas, you can request an immediate pick up: Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Inglewood, Westmont, and Lennox This promotion is eligible for the Opoli service category only! Requesting a ride is easy! 1. Book online at Opoli.com or with the Opoli app for iOS and Android. 2. Enter your pick up and drop off destination and select As Soon As Possible (ASAP) If you are on the app, select “Now” 3. Select the “Opoli” service option (Please note: Shared, Black, SUV, and Private are not eligible for this promotion) 4. Fill out the rest of the requested information 5. Enter the code MDAY2016 BEFORE you request your ride! This will comp the entire…Keep Reading

Commuting in Los Angeles: An Inspiration for Opoli

As a commuter, only one thought immediately comes to mind when I think about Los Angeles rush hour: traffic. My second thought is, “How late can I leave my apartment in order to make it to work on time?” Bumper to bumper traffic, the rapid transitions from a smooth 68mph cruise to a less than 20mph crawl, and the unnecessary lane changes from overly aggressive drivers trying to land themselves a car or two ahead of the crowd-wow! The truth is, that’s the reality of living and working in Los Angeles. A twenty minute commute in many cities may take at least an hour, and as locals, we don’t expect anything less. We plan our days around our commute time: work, errands, and social events- sometimes we show up early, and at other times we show up late. Other residents understand. If you’re a few minutes late for work, it’s understood that traffic…Keep Reading

Opoli’s Top 5 Ways to Breeze Through Summer in L.A.

It’s no secret that driving in Los Angeles is a hassle: mix together high gas prices with heavy traffic patterns and aggressive drivers and you’ve got a combination that would boil anyone’s blood! This summer, let Opoli do the driving for you – without breaking the bank. Check out the top 10 ways Opoli can make your summer a breeze… Save on Downtown Parking. Who needs pricey parking lots downtown? Whether you’re headed to the Staples Center or the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Opoli drivers can drop you off and pick you up, no parking fees necessary! Hit the Clubs. Live it up on the Sunset Strip without worrying about how you’ll get home. Opoli offers car services 24 hours a day, so you can stay out late and still get home safe. Travel Economically. These days, airplane travel is a must for many businesspeople and students. Opoli makes it…Keep Reading


I have great news — at least for people in Los Angeles (sorry, rest of the world). There’s a new ride sharing app that’s hurling itself into the marketplace, which means that when Über is on “Surge” mode and a Lyft is nowhere to be found, you have a whole brand new option! Introducing Opoli, which is sort of like Über meets Priceline meets Taxi Magic meets whatever. Basically, users looking to get somewhere fire up the app, enter in their location and destination, and then decide how much they want to pay for the voyage. Then various drivers bid for the job — so I guess it’s like TaskRabbit also… before TaskRabbit started doing hourly rates and became annoying. According to Opoli, this is what sets the app apart from the competition — the ability to name your fare and know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the…Keep Reading

An Insider’s Guide to Using the Opoli App

There are several ride-sharing apps out there in the marketplace. You know the ones, they rhyme with “rift” & “tuber.” However what sets Opoli apart is that this app lets the customer & provider do business one-to-one in real time. Once the connection is made, then Opoli lets you do your thing! Plus, all Opoli drivers are commercially licensed AND insured professional providers. Thus making Opoli rides a safer & better alternative. I had the pleasure of using the Opoli app & scheduling a pick-up so that I could be driven to a part of LA that is known for traffic. I’m talking West Hollywood folks! Getting to WeHo from the SFV is no easy task at times. There is a fitness studio in WeHo that offers a cross between boot camp & CrossFit that I had been dying to try! So naturally I thought, if I am going to…Keep Reading

Limousines On Call, No Pricing Surprises

Last week I went to a launch for Opoli. It’s an interesting app and it’s taken everything that’s right about Uber and made it just a little bit friendlier for both consumer and driver. Here’s the gist of the Opoli app. Drivers pay a monthly fee to be included in the Opoli fleet. I am unclear on just how much this fee is because I’m not licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission so I can’t be your driver anyhow. Opoli is an app that you use basically to hail a car service. It might be a Tesla, a towncar or an SUV. The app required no instruction for me. You click to request a car, it could be that you’re looking for one right now (as you would with Uber) or that you’d like to schedule an airport pickup (hello real live convenience!). In any event you put in…Keep Reading